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Public et semi-public swimming pools

The maintenance of swimming pool others than those reserved for the personal use of a family, is regulated by laws established by Decree N 81-324 of April 7th, 1981, supplementary laws of April 7th, 1981 and September 28th, 1989.

Here we shall not quote all the regulations you must comply with.

We are able :
To make an analysis of your installation and , if necessary, to give you advice regarding compliance with the regulations concerning your pool.

To check :

  • recycling outputs
  • the duration of the cycle as a function of your pool
  • disconnector (maintenance and standard exchange). 


To give your advice :

  • for setting up health and safety record logs (controlled by the DDASS), which has to state operation, observations and accidents, analyses, etc.
  • for your inhouse management procedures internal regulation.
  • for the installation and the implementation of protective barriers.


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